Thinking Putty


Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

Here is my collection of Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty.
I was working in school when a pupil brought some of the magnetic and glow in the dark putty into school. I was hooked and started off the collection by buying one of the magnetic ones. If only she knew what she was starting! My favourite ones are the colour change and Super illusions putties. I bought the mixed by me kit and made some of my own shades. The collection keeps on growing although some you can only buy from his site in America I am tempted. I have since ordered some from America and it takes about a week to arrive. Check on the doller to pound ratio first to get the best price!

Super Magnetics

Watch this time lapse video

Super Illusions

These are based on something called thin-film interference, which is caused by light waves that are reflected and refracted by a veiled or structurally complex coating. Often called iridescence, this phenomenon causes all of these things to shift colors right before your eyes. It’s also the secret behind  Super Illusions Thinking Putty.

 Liquid Glass Thinking Putty .

This crystal-clear creation is so transparent that the tin often appears empty to the naked eye.

Liquid Glass flows and moves differently than other Thinking Putty because of its unique formulation and will turn cloudy when handled. Put it back in the tin, close the lid, and it will be back to crystal clear in no time.



This range of putty changes colour depending on temperature. You can get some fun effects by twisting the cold and warm putty together.

Various hypercolours mixed together.

Glow in the dark hypercolour


This is quite a firm putty and only two colours in the range.









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