The Adventures of Ducky

This tiny duck was given to me by a child in the class I work with. He is staying with me during my retirement and going on lots of adventures. His travels will be posted on here so that she can see what he gets up to.

2nd June 2024

A vist to Coldharbour Mill. Uffculme Devon. One of the oldest woollen mills in the UK, still producing yarn, cloth and textiles since 1797. Ducky explored the Victorian mill complex, steam engines, exhibits, wetland and wildlife. They were also hosting The Great British Fibre Festival. My daughter was an exhibitor there.

Poor Ducky was in a spin. Unfortunately I had left him in my dress pocket and he went into the washing machine. He’s okay though, a day sat on the window sill drying and he’s back to his normal self.


Ducky went on a trip to Paignton in Devon. It was a bit of a rainy day, but he didn’t mind that.


Ducky visited my Dad for his 93rd Birthday and my Birthday tea. He certainly liked the cake that I baked.

Enjoying some birthday cake


Today Ducky travelled to Bournemouth to watch a concert that Mrs Farley’s daughter was playing in. It was at a school so he enjoyed playing on the equipment and eating the bar-b-que food that they had after the performance. Oh and don’t worry there wasn’t any duck on the menu.