Spelling Fails

This page will contain spelling errors found in a variety of places.

I ordered this enamel baking dish. My daughter noticed the spelling error and also the wording can be taken two ways.

pie dish
Baking Shepherds and pudoings?

We were passing through Wells in Somerset, when I saw this sign.

Quarter Poander?

Thanks to my brother for sending this to me. Not really a fail, but still amusing.

Is this bread obsolete?

A sign in Bristol. 30.07.2018

Well it takes all sorts!

I think they had trouble with this news report.

I was searching for a different cat food for my elderly cat as he is struggling to chew the chunks in gravy or jelly. I don’t think he will enjoy these.

I wonder where inside the moped he managed to squeeze himself?


I would have thought a mechanic would have been better!


I know it’s a difficult time at the moment with the covid 19 pandemic, but you would think they would spell correctly!

Come dine with me?
Is there a wizzard in residence?