Objects out of Place

This is a collection of objects that are not where they are supposed to be.

My first object is a motorcycle speedo found on the shore of Caol Scotnish. There was no sign of the rest of the bike and it was heavily wooded with trees and marshy ground and just a footpath to the area. Taken on 18.08.14

object out of place
Where’s the rest of the bike?

A speedboat complete with engine, on a steep slope high above the loch, with sheep grazing nearby. 2017 update-cattle were in the field this year! 2019 cattle still in field. Taken on 19.08.2014

Do the sheep like speedboat racing?


Visiting Kingston Lacey to photograph the snowdrops and came across a yellow plastic spoon!

A stiring scene!

I was staying in Westbury on Trym for a few days with my dad and brother. When my brother and I were out doing a spot of geocaching we saw this Rich Tea biscuit on a window sill of a very old building. Taken on 06.03.15


On may way to work this morning and came across these coloured balls.

coloured balls
Curb crawlers


I was out geocaching with my friend Sally. When we came across this potato on College Green. It was not far from the statue of Queen Victoria and facing Bristol cathedral.

King Edward trying to find Queen Victoria
gulls on car
I thought they put mascots on the bonnet of a car.

A plate of food covered in clingfilm on the roof of a car.

Fast Food?

3 miles further on the plate was still on the roof, after 50mph roads and tight corners. A good advert for clingfilm. Though I wouldn’t recomend trying it. Here is a short video of it’s journey.

Opened my car door today to find the beginings of a wasps nest. There are some eggs in a couple of the cells.

wasp nest
Unwanted hitchhiker.


The following photos were taken in a picnic area on the shores of Loch Awe. Not many waves on this path!


Driving north along Loch Awe towards Dalmally Scotland and this kettle was on a post. It was there all week.

Brewing up in style!
Brewing up in style!


A pair of goggles on a fence post seen whilst driving towards Kilbury Scotland.

Is this a Scotish Minion?
Is this a Scotish Minion?

A signpost at the carpark of Westport Beach West coast of Scotland. A good surfing beach. These snails are surfing the board!

This is a sign of snail habitation!
This is a sign of snail habitation!



I saw this pear in the kerb on the way to work.

Pearallel Parking?
Pearallel Parking?


Coming home from Scotland and we were in very heavy traffic on the motorway when this lorry passed us.

Mobile Phones?
Mobile Phones?
August 2019

We were on the way to our holiday in Scotland,  when we were in the north of England we saw this on the motorway. I thought that the train was meant to take the strain!

Gone off the rails!

May 22nd 2020

This chrysalis was found on my washing machine next to the dishwasher. I did some washing this morning and I am sure it wasn’t there then. Found at 6pm.