Matt the cat

This is Matt our cat, he is a neutered tom and I had him when he was 7 weeks old. He is quite a character although a bit of a scaredy cat. His favourite game is banging on the back door, waiting for us to open it then his tail goes up in the air and he dashes up the garden, this he repeats until we go out to play with him. He loves to play chase with grass seed heads or plantain on long stalks and when we have had enough and he hasn’t he will bring it back into the house. If we then throw it back out into the garden he will fetch it back. ( we keep telling him he is a cat not a dog.)

October 2019

Matt is putting on weight and his coat looks much healthier. He is still drinking a lot but the diet seems to be working. He is actually playing a little too.

August 2019

Matt is 17 and not been looking well. He has lost a lot of weight and then started vomiting, even bringing up water. He ended up staying at the vets overnight on a drip to be rehydrated and have blood test, ultrasound scan and urine tests. I collected him the next day and poor lad has a shaved tummy, neck and front paw. The results of the tests show he has kidney disease and has to go on a special diet. He had lost 1kg of weight. A lot for a cat.

Matt is now 14 years old and has to go to the vets today to have dental work done. I collected him later this evening and the poor chap had three teeth extracted and the rest cleaned and polished.

It is said that cats like to sit in circles on the floor. Matt certainly does. Here are some photo’s of him in various circular items.

Here are some more pictures of Matt.