I used to play with lego when I was a child. I used to have a box of bricks, windows and doors and curved pieces. I had to use my imagination to build things and I can remember my dad showing me how to interlock the bricks so that the walls of my houses wouldn’t collapse. I also have a vague memory of dad building me a boat and showing me how to slope the sides.

When I had my daughter Duplo had been manufactured, so we started her off with that and then,  as she got older we progressed to lego bricks and then sets.

Christmas 2017 I decided to build a few of her sets, that she has left here for safe keeping, and that renewed my interest. I have started to collect the bigger Star War sets.

Here are a few photos of the sets. I will later rebuild some of Becca’s sets and upload those photos.

Here are my Christmas collections.

My Christmas Present from Robert

Cargo train and passenger train
Cargo and passenger train

Becca’s Lego

After Christmas I decided I would build Becca’s lego that she had when she was a child.