I first learnt to knit when I was about 9 years old. My mum taught me the basics and I gradually taught myself more complicated patterns. I love a challenge. For the  three years I had supported Innocent Smoothies The big Knit and each year I increased my target of the number of hats I knited. my target for 2011 was 300 little hats, which I managed to do with two weeks to spare. 2012 I managed 350 little hats and for 2013 400. This I think is about the limit I can physically do. I started to get RSI so I will not be challenging myself quite so much.


Being home during the covid-19 pandemic gives me lots of time for projects. I decided to do some yarn bombing after my husband gave me the idea. So here is my project and a big thank you to the NHS. I have another project on the go, so check back in a few days. 13.04.2020 Royal Mail. 14.04.2020 Essential Worker. 15.04.2020 Flowers around a telegraph pole. 16.04.2020 Bees added to the telegraph pole. 17.04.2020 Mice added. 18.04.2020 Ladybirds added. 19.04.2020 Added Robin on her nest. 20.04.2020 Tree Frog added. 21.04.2020 Dragonfly 23.04.2020 Gecko 24.04.2020 Window cleaner and butterflies. Whoops also yarn bombed the cat! 25.04.2020 Added a stick insect


This evening I am starting a new theme for my knitting display outside of the house. It is an underwater scene. I have painted the background and each evening a different creature will be added.


I wanted to knit this advent calendar last year but didn’t get time. I am determined to do it this year for the classroom.

Here are a few photos so far.

I was looking for a shawl pattern and I fell in love with papillon/butterfly by Marin Melchior. The pattern is for sale on Ravelry. Anyway the first one I knitted was with Lornas Laces sock yarn, not the suggested yarn. It did not turn out as it was supposed to but was still impressive.

Lornas Laces Yarn

I then ordered the suggested yarn. Urth Uneek, colour 3009, from Tribe Yarns  and contrasting colour urth harvest. The shawl is knitted using short rows and I am using twin stitch knit from fish lips kiss heel, that I use on my socks. (Pattern also sold on Ravelry).

I have taken photos each time I finish the contrasting colour rows. 8.4.2019 Another contrasting colour section finished, but it is difficult to photograph now as the cable is not long enough to stretch out. Next photo will be when it is being blocked.

13.4.2019. Next contrasting colour finished. End of part 28.

14.4.2019. Part 29 of section 3 done.

15.4.2019. Part 30 of section 3 done.

15.4.2019. Complete photo to follow after blocking.

I also belong to a knitting and crochet community website. It is free to join.

Here are a few more links to other projects I have on Ravelry.

Fairisle jumper

Beaded handbag


Cotton gauze top

Hearts Vine and Flowers shawl

Luna Moth shawl

Baby sailor suit

Here are some socks that I have knitted from a pattern Beccabadger from Bluebell yarns gave me.

The pink pair marked testing is some of her hand dyed sock yarn that I am testing.  The socks for Jeanette were made using left over yarn, but I still managed to get a matching pair! The socks for the Forest of Dean was Lorna Laces sock yarn. I lost my welly and walked through the forest just wearing these and apart from staining there was no damage. Great hard-wearing yet soft yarn.

A pair of gloves knitted for a work collegue as a joke, but he loved them.